Like many of you lovely readers, I have been quite a big fan of the Groupon Service, which when you live in Manchester, presents you with some pretty tempting offers and discounts. At first it used to be really varied and exciting, but now I only seem to get emails for shit MP3 players and Laser Lipo.

I did however, always have a look at the offers for Salon’s and spas, but they were pretty much the same as well, so I lost interest.

However! Some rather clever buggers (Lopo Champalimaud and Salim Mitha, inspired veterans of and Yahoo! respectively), created a site specialising in treatments/facials, therapists and spa breaks  that are all available in your region and nationally.

So this might sound all very girly, but would I do that to you (probably but bare with me)? There is a whole array of offers and treatments available to men, from haircuts/hair salons, to shaves, to a general bit of good old fashioned pampering. For example at the moment, you can get a 40 minute cut throat shave and 20 minute male manicure for £45 with the rather wonderful Gentry Grooming Company, who have such clients as Peter Kay and Jason Orange! Oh and £14 for hot stone massage! There’s something for everyone by the looks of it, and as these times are a little more financially difficult, the prices are astounding!

Seriously, there are so many ideas here, especially as it’s coming up to Christmas, so get looking for the Mrs, or Mr and for every offer that you recommend to a friend (as long as they actually purchase), you will receive a £5 voucher code to take of your next offer.

So before you next book your hair appointment or simplyfancy trying something new, check them out at

[By the way, there are some links to the words; I thought it easier so if you click on them, you get straight to the site on that section. Aren’t I thoughtful!]


Posted at 15:38 December 5, 2018


Posted at 15:35 December 5, 2018


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