Travel & Festivals with LUSH

With people still jetting off on holiday and the big festival weekend quickly approaching, I thought I’d share a selection of great travel essentials from LUSH.

If you’re travelling anywhere with hard, mineralised water like Spain or the south of France for example, a shampoo that can strip all that rubbish our your hair is essential whilst repairing any damage caused by the sun and chlorine filled pool water.

If you follow me on Twitter you may have seen that me and the other half spent a few weeks at my parent’s house in Spain at the beginning of the summer season. Now the water there is harsh, really harsh, and after a few days your hair feels dirty and dry as anything. So we always opt in to taking a small bottle of LUSH Rehab Shampoo and a small bottle of the Veganese Conditioner. Rehab foams fabulously and deeply cleanses whilst nourishing hair with papaya, grapefruit, sea-salt, kiwi plus jojoba, olive and almond oil. Veganese, a slightly foaming conditioner, is lightweight and leaves hair soft but not greasy and over-fed.

If you want something more compact and convenient to travel with, LUSH’s solid shampoos are incredible. Now I have to say that New, the red bar pictured, is packed with cinnamon and is the best smelling product I have ever used. It leaves your hair fragrant for hours whilst being incredibly soft and shiny and that’s without using a conditioner!

My other half, Garry, is an enormous fan of Dirty. I’ll be honest, I’m not a huge fan myself, mainly because I’m not a lover of spearmint, but he’s addicted. It’s available in a lathering shower gel, a deodorant and a solid perfume (there’s other stuff too but these were my favourite, especially for travel or sitting in fields listing to rock and roll).

Finally Cosmetic Lad, a great moisturiser for normal to dry skin, is perfect for slinging in your bag and using to rehydrate your skin after days spent in the baking sun (make sure you use SPF, at least SPF30). I’d say it’s not for oily/combination skins but it won’t leave a greasy film or tackiness on drier skin types. With Lavender Honey Water, Cocoa Butter, Almond Oil and skin soothing Aloe Gel – skin is left feeling soothed, relaxed and deeply nourished.

If you’ve used these products before, I’d love to hear your thoughts; also any other great LUSH recommendations you might have would be highly appreciated. Enjoy and ¡Buen Viaje! / Rock On.

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