Tips and tales for the best things to do in your spare time featuring British Beauty Blogger

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou may, or may not know, that blogging is my full time job. I split it between blogging and web design, but it’s my full time occupation and earnings. You’ll know when I have a lot of web projects on as the blog will be pretty quiet and then vice-versa; it’s a bit of a balancing act.

But for many amazing bloggers, it’s their hobby and done in their spare time (it was for me in the beginning) and the transition from hobby to job is a tough one – what can you do to chill out?

When I was stressed with uni or work, I’d take to my blog to relieve anxiety and take photos, write articles and make connections on social media. But now these are the cause of my stress.

My hobby was always my computer but I know if I’m near it, work will ensue.

So, I seem to have regressed to my childhood to calm myself down and take a few minutes here and there to just play.

I recently found a load of old gaming equipment  (not that old, but by gaming standards) and ended up with quite a hefty voucher to spend at Game. I ended up with a Playstation Vita and a selection of games, including Minecraft, Final Fantasy and Killzone where any tension is immediately alleviated as you plunge a knife into an enemy soldier’s neck or round off a few head-shots.

Second to that, and this is a weird one – Lego.

A few weeks ago I was on a press trip to Germany with Alpecin and on the outbound flight, I stopped over in Copenhagen, Denmark (I added Denmark as embarrassingly, before I got there, I had no idea that’s where it was). So never having been to Denmark I wanted to bring home a small souvenir representing Denmark – bacon or Lego, obviously.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetI opted for the latter and got myself a small Lego Creator set that got you 3 fabulous little models in one kit. I have to point out that I was obsessed with Lego until I was about 12/13 and it turns out my penchant for plastic pieces was merely lying dormant!

My best-friend Phil then bought me the most incredible set for my Birthday last week featuring 3 realistic bird models that are unbelievably intricate [pictured at start of post]. These sets are pretty cool as they’ve been designed for people who were fans of the brand as children and are now older so there’s animals, landmarks and even architecture inspired sets which are particularly interesting as my undergrad is in Spanish but also Industrial Design.

Interested, I then asked my best blogging buddy Jane Cunningham of the one and only British Beauty Blogger what she gets up to in her spare time; although I wish I hadn’t have asked as it sounds way more wholesome than Lego and Minecraft:

‘I really don’t get much downtime to be honest, but if I do I like to do creative things like making Japanese Deco Roll cakes or trying to work out how to put together those crazy Japanese sweet kits.’

‘I go out with friends – walk my dog in Greenwich Park – hang out with the family – the usual stuff I guess. Sadly no secret basket weaving or anything highly interesting!’

I love Scandi-Noir so a great movie or series on Netflix is ideal for a winter weekend afternoon, but I’ve just discovered the French crime drama, Spiral (Engrenages) and I’m working my way back through the seasons on that.’

I guess the moral of this story is to take some time out for yourself and do something, anything, that makes you happy as stress is one of the biggest creators of setbacks and particularly when you’re self employed, it’s super-easy to forget to cut yourself a little slack – I’m 100% the worst one for that.

So, when you can, just have some fun!

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