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The Manface Definitive Eye Cream Review

I get asked from time to time why it’s important to use eye creams and why can’t we just use a normal moisturiser. Well the reason is because the eye area is around 50% thinner than the rest of the skin on the face, in fact its one of the thinnest areas of skin on the whole body!

Well what happens if you use a standard moisturiser in this area is that the skin can act like a hamster, it knows the moisture is there, but instead of just leaving it alone because it does’t need it, it woofs it all in and stores it behing the eye area which can build up as bags over the years. Eye creams are formulated to be lighter and and thinner to provide just the right amount of moisture. They also usually contain less or no fragrance, preservative or colorants, mainly because the eye area is much more prone to sensitivity. So here’s my round up of what I feel to be 5 of the best eye creams I’ve come across to date, but there are so many out there and your choice should be based on your skin type and skin concerns, enjoy!

Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash

Firstly, this product did make the Bazaar Magazine Beauty Hot 100 product list of this year, so its safe to say its pretty good! Rose Petals, Lily and White Tea extracts, reduce dark circles and de-puffs the eyes. I found this eye cream quite light and did need to put a little more on by mid afternoon as my eyes started to get a little tired. There’s a gentle fragrance to it of Lily. Just as their Beauty Flash Balm, it gives an instant brightness and radiance to the skin.

Creme De La Mer Eye Balm Intense

OK, the price, it is £125 a pot, but in my opinion, worth every single penny. This is my favourite product out of the 5. I have awful difficulty  with my eyes being enormously sensetive and can get very tight and dry. This is the only eye cream I’ve every used that calms them when they’re irritated, and keeps them soft, bright and cool ALL day. When eye creams say they reduce eye bags, nothing ever seems to have an effect as good as this, in 24 hours, tired bags are reduced and eyes look noticeably brighter and illuminated. If you’re concerned over fine lines and wrinkles, then this is also the product for you: “The new Marine De-Puff Ferment™, The Lifting Ferment™ and a potent concentration of The Miracle Broth™” will all resurface, renew and lift. I love this product even though the price makes me cringe; many people say that the ingredients don’t cost that much, which I believe is true, but you’re not just paying for the ingredients, but all the hardcore research and manufacturing that comes with it.

Clinique Superdefense SPF 25 Eye Cream

A brand new product from Clinique and a great addition to their Superdefence rage, this fabulous eye cream gives you everything, including the protective power of a broad spectrum SPF 30 physical sunscreen from titanium dioxide. Caffeine is also in there as well as sea minerals and algae extract, all help condition the skin as well as anti-oxidants that keep the skin protected and defended from free radicals.

This product sinks in straight away, instantly softening and it does reduce irritation, but I do sometimes find I might need to pop on a little more later in the day just to top up the moisture, but not always! As it has been allergy tested so extensively, you can be pretty safe in the knowledge that if you won’t react, even if you’re prone!

The Body Shop Elderflower Unperfumed Eye Gel

Now this is a cult product with a gel base containing Elderflower extract and Witch hazel. It smooths and really cools! I actually use this product as a weekly eye mask and apply liberally over the whole area then apply The Body Shop’s Aqua Eye Mask. It really reduces puffiness and dark circles and leaves skin beautifully fresh. After you’ve used it, you can then apply an eye cream over the top for extra hydration and moisturisation. Oh and I recommend keeping it in the fridge.

Lacura Moisturising Eye Cream

Beautifully rich, softening and bag reducing, this amazing eye cream from Lacura with natural oils, moisturizers, Mimox® and protective coenzyme Q10 is amazing. It feels great on the skin and my eyes felt calm and moisturised all day. It sinks in relatively easily. So for all this, how much would you expect to pay for it? Well if I tell you that you can buy it exclusively at what I believe to be one of our best Supermarkets – ALDI, you should be amazed that this product is a mere £1.59. Brilliant! I bet you go out and buy one right away!

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