Superdry Black / Dry Oil / Steel

Last week I was incredibly lucky to receive three Superdry fragrances from the fabulous company themselves and have spent a good week wearing the fragrances to be able to give you some honest feedback of the trio.

The fragrances are Black, Steel and Dry Oil. Black and Steel are a new duo set which go together whereas the Dry Oil is part of their dry fragrance collection, a range of odd yet stunning colognes. I remember when they launched the dry fine fragrances, it was back when I was in Selfridges and they had this amazing pop up site with, if I remember rightly, an old car, and then all the agency staff wore some gorgeous super dry outfits.


Presented in a bottle with a zippo lighter cap inside a beutiful black matt varnished box emblazented with the Superdry logo. The fragrance as you might expect is very dark andn bruding. Superdry themselves list the notes as: a heart of lavender, jasmine, thyme, coriander and nutmeg, sweetened by a juicy lime note and rich ripe fruits completed by a deep base rich of sandalwood, balsam, incense, leather and moss. When it goes on, you can really smell the lavender and lime, then as it wears throughout the day your definitely left with more leather, moss and a little of the sandalwood, but unlike some men’s fragrances, you’re not just left honking of sandalwood. It wears quite well and even though the top notes don’t stay around for too long, they sweeten up the fabulous and prominent base notes.


Steel, presented in the same gorgeous style except with a silver zippo lid and a white box, this is definitely the brighter and livelier of the two fragrances. Where as I would think Black is great for night, worn to a meal out or hot date, this second fragrance would be great for work, going out with mates and general liveliness. Superdry list the fragrance as having: lime and bergamot, a heart of cardamom and violet leaves and rich base notes of cedarwood and moss. You can really smell the bergamot and violet, and then the base notes come through, but particularly the cedar wood. The cedarwood and lime are the two most prominent ingredients that seem to stay around the longest. This fragrance is fun.

Dry Oil

Now then. This is my favourite of the trio and actually my favourite out of all of their colognes. The solid metal screw-capped, leather banded, thick glass bottle comes housed in what looks to be a recycled cardboard box with layered sheets of brown box card stacked up, bound and then a bottle shaped hole cut through to house the product. The packaging alone screams of Superdry and their brand bold and distressed brand image. The bottle is heavy and manly, it feels like you could do some real damage with it if you started throwing it around, not like a frail glass atomiser. So the fragrance:

Combining a striking fougère accord with vanilla notes, Dry Oil is built around a fusion of lavender and iris that is lifted by lemon, petigrain, cypress, cardamom and neroli and strengthened with rich ambery rose. The vanilla accord is supported with cedarwood and patchouli and sweetened with ambrette seed, coumarin and musks.

Fit, just fit. When you apply the fragrance it lures you in with vanilla accord and ambrette building with petigrain, cardamom and lemon. It smells unreal, unlike anything I’ve smelt before. There is a sort of metallic oiliness to it, like the smell of a car engine or factory, but instead of being hard and cold, there is a gentle sweet warmth about it. The fragrance lasts, and instead of simply blurring down to base notes, it seems to change randomly, presenting you with different notes as it fades over the course of a very long day. As well, it doesn’t always seem to last in the same way, and it can be completely different by the end of one day to the end of the next. This fragrance has more depth than the black or steel and because it is so odd, you really think about it when you smell it and it enshrouds you with its mysteriousness

These fragrances are definitely worth a try and are something unique for both Suoerdry as a company, and the world of fragrance.

Superdry Black // Dry Oil // Steel available at Superdry Online

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