Summer Skincare Boot Camp with Jacks of London

So it’s summer, or well at least the calendar says it is, looking out the window at the moment suggests this isn’t quite the case. However, if you’re preparing to go on holiday, then get your skin fighting fit and ready for sun and Jacks of London have some great products to help that along.

Firstly, it’s all about exfoliation. A tan is created when the skin is damaged by UV rays and pigment producing cells deep down in the skin activate, secreting the brown colour to act as a natural sun shield. We all know though, that this colour looks pretty good, and we want to prolong this as much as possible.

The best thing to do is to make sure the skin is well exfoliated, this will ensure that your tan stays nice and even. The Jack Black Body Rehab Scrub And Muscle Soak is a great product that delivers a high powered scrub. Eucalyptus oil cools and calms the skin whilst Sea and Epsom salts help to buff away the build up of dead skin. It should feel very tingly and is also great for use after a good gym session. You should exfoliate your body at this level around 1/2 times per week.

Make sure your skin is well hydrated after scrubbing or there’s not much point. If you don’t moisturise, all those lovely, fresh, springy new cells that you’ve just uncovered will loose moisture in a heartbeat unless properly protected. Kyoku’s ‘Water’ Body Lotion is great as it’s really lightweight and has a gentle citrus scent which will act as a natural insect repellant when you’re away. Do bear in mind that this doesn’t have a an SPF so make sure when you’re int he sun you’re using at least an SPF 30 with UVA and UVB protection. For men’s skin, look for sun care that carries less oil so as to avoid pores and follicles from blocking.

For your face you can use a dedicated beaded face scrub around 2/4 times per week. If your skin is fairly dry, then 3/4 times per week, if you’re oiler, then a little less.

Well if you’re using Jack Black’s for your body, then why not try it on your face? Their Menthol and Vitamin C infused Face Buff Energizing Scrub will do the trick. Menthol helps to condition the skin as well as open pores, making the removal of debris and dirt that little bit easier. As well as prolonging your tan by using a face scrub, it also makes shaving a hell of a lot easier as you’re giving yourself a much smother surface to play with. Be very gentle, and work around the face as such: 10 seconds per cheek, 20 seconds across chine and nose and finally 20 seconds across the forehead. If you’ve not exfoliate before, then start gentle and not as often, otherwise you’ll risk irritating the skin.

Finally a moisturiser. You always need to make sure your moisturiser is suited to your skin type and moisturisers that say they’re for ‘All Skin Types’, in the simplest terms, aren’t. When you’re away however and you’re much hotter and therefore sweatier, look for something light and gel based (unless you’re skin is incredibly dry). An SPF is key and at least an SPF 15 for daily use and higher if you intend to lay in the sun. If you’re an avid reader, then you may have seen my rave review of Zirh products a while back and they actually do a really good hydrator for normal/oily skin types that has a really light texture. It has an SPF 15 that offers both UVA and UVB protection. It’s also fairly shine reducing because of it’s texture and won’t leave your face looking shiny and feeling greasy.

Now there are tonnes of other things you can use to make sure your skin’s fighting fit, but if you don’t really do anything, then just try this and make sure you come back from your holiday looking your best, and holding on to that precious tan through our grey, british, summer months.

[alert style=”blue”] Here are the products mentioned: Jack Black Body Scrub, Kyoku Water Lotion, Jack Black Face Scrub, Zirh Moisturiser.  All these products, as well as a wide range of skincare and aftershave balms are available at Jack’s Male Grooming[/alert]

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