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St. Tropez Spraycation

St. Tropez Spraycation

At the beginning of the week, @GeorgiaRoseS from the PZ Cussons Beauty team invited me on the Twitter to come to The Trafford Centre to the St. Tropez pop-up to have a full-body spray tan from the amazing Jules Heptonstall as well as to have a look and a play with some of their fab products.

Funnily and embarassingly enough, I’ve never used St. Tropez before, the reason being that anywhere I’ve seen it sold, there has never been anyone there to show me the products and tell me all about it, whereas with the other products brands I’ve looked at and actually reviewed, have. So this was the perfect opportunity to discover the range that I’ve heard so much about from friends, bloggers and mags.

The whole stand was made to look like a beech/pool-side chill out area, it was fantastic. The large seated areas were laden with products and there were many consultants deep in consultation with shoppers sharing tips, techniques and advice, it was great.

I went into one of the beach huts with Jules where a full spray tan booth had been set up and he asked me what I would like and recommended what he thought would best suit my skin. As I sit here typing I think his decision was perfect. I got undressed (to boxers), got into the booth with bright hallogen lights on me and needless to say, it was like one of those dreams you can’t wake up from. I hate taking my top off in front of people. Jules really made me feel comfortable and we chatted at length whilst he applied a couple of coats, sharing with me some top tips.

Tips such as apply gel to your elbows, knees and palms before applying as it stops colour building up in those ‘danger’ areas where if often does. Also, after application, rub a little moisturiser into the top of your wrists and then pat down as this will lift off any tan, the reason being is that this is where you wouldn’t naturally colour, but the technique prevents you having a line, it just blends beautifully.

I also got a fab goody bag with all sorts of products to try out, which I shall be doing and sharing with you.

My tan looks great, but I only had it done at 18:00 and its now just gone midnight, so I’ll let you know tomorrow and try and post a few pics up. At the moment it looks beautifully even and my skin certainly feels great! Normally fake tan leaves me feeling a little bit sticky, but this is completely fine and smooth to the touch.

They’ll be in Braehead, Glasgow on the 6th until the 7th July so make sure that if you’re up there, you pop along and see them, it was such a good trip out and best of all, it was free!

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