Feeling the bloat and bulge from Christmas and New Year? Overeaten? Overindulged? Over the top? Well if like me your answer to all those questions is a resounding “yes”, then let’s get fitter for a new year and a new you.


Slenderton-3 wanted me to try this out for them, which I suppose I can take one way or another, and although I’ve never been ‘fat’, over the last year I’ve developed a little pouch on my lower tummy which has been a bit of a concern. I’ve had long spurts of gym memberships over the years and I get hugely irritated by the people who say “saying you have no time is no excuse”, well it is, I don’t have the time to get ready, travel through traffic to the gym, do all the liftings and pullings, fighting for equipment then get back home and continue the rest of my tasks in a half-knackered state.

So the Slendertone Flex Max is a high intensity, electrical muscle toner designed to beat the living hell out of your core stomach muscles and kick you into shape. I have to say I was enormously sceptical before trying it out, picturing one of those awful American infomercials that promise you the earth yet deliver nothing, but this is not like that, it’s something quite extraordinary. Now don’t think that you just strap it on and you’ll have a smaller tummy, you have to do exercises with it, but this makes them ten times more effective.

The belt comes with two sets of pads that you adhere to the inside of the belt, one in the middle and two on the side. Replacement pads are £9.99 per pack and do last quite a while, about 20-30 sessions. Strap this around your middle and then activate the device through the EMS controller. There are tonnes of programmes, settings and options, all of which are explained in great detail in the instructions, but the device is not at all difficult to use, quite the opposite in fact with a real simple elegance to it.

Remember I said I wasn’t a believer to start with? Well this being the case, I set the device as high as it would go and let it rip, immediately collapsing to the living room carpet and having to rip the device from its holdster. Yes, it’s that powerful and I’d say I have a pretty high pain threshold. Set the device on it’s lowest setting and work upwards to a setting you feel most comfortable with, but this is all explained and advised in the accompanying guide, which as a man I didn’t read before hand; you’ve been warned.

Through using the device daily for the set timed period, accompanying it with crunches, I have noticed a huge difference in my stomach and have been feeling a lot better with myself. My stomach muscles feel firmer (a long long way from being visible) and the pouch has almost disappeared, but I’ve still got work to do. You don’t have to do exercises with it, but you’ll notice improvements much quicker, but you can just pop the device on under your clothes and go about your business. I’d say this is also a great accompaniment to housework which when done properly, can get you pretty fired up. I’m incredibly impressed with the Slendertone Flex Max, and you get a surprisingly long use out of the three AAA batteries that power it. After trying this, I’m absolutely desperate to try out their facial toner, looks like I better get saving!

You can pick all things Slendertone up here from, and even though I edit their blog, they have long been my favourite online store to pick up absolutely all my favourite beauty, grooming and tools. Let me know how you get on!

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