Facial Sun Protection Reviews

One of the most important and underused skincare products in the market. In the UK sun, you can be exposed for 15 minutes unprotected before the skin starts to burn; after that UVA and UVB is damaging the skin causing it to release an emergency shield of brown melanin. With skin cancers on the rise, prevention with an SPF is much easier than the cure.

An Exclusive Interview with Doctor Piasecki: Sun, Cancer and Success

I was delighted to be offered the chance to interview Dr. Justin Piasecki, founder of the world renowned Skin Cancer Center in the US. Dr. Piasecki is the only surgeon in the world certified to offer this combined treatment. With his one-of-a-kind training, Dr. Piasecki pioneered plastic micrographic surgery, the unique skin cancer treatment that combines Mohs surgery (the highest cure rate surgery for skin cancer) with cosmetic reconstruction for the most cost effective and convenient approach to skin cancer care. As the only doctor to offer this, Dr. Piasecki already is uncommon in the world of medicine, and that was before he was crowned and was featured on the television show “The Doctors” as one of America’s “Most Beautiful Doctors.”

Reader’s Choice Award

It’s all very good me handing out the awards but this year I wanted to know what you guys had to say. I set up an entry form and you responded in droves to recommend me your favourite grooming and beauty products of 2012. Because I opened it up as a free-for-all, I had to read every single entry and tally the repeats. Oddly there were many things that came up again and again, but this one, the winner, came up more than most. It’s a product I’ve not properly trialled myself, but had heard good things about it from others.