Special Care Reviews

Dr. Jackson’s Natural Products

I’m in love. You all know by now that I’m not Mr. Natural, but you know something, I’ve been brought around by Dr. Jackson’s Natural Products, a fabulous new range being stocked over at Mankind, launching today with an armoury of great grooming goodies, all with potent, natural formulations. There’s no nasties, plenty of ethics, and fabulous ingredients as Dr Jackson, a pharmacognosist, has been researching and developing traditional medicines and formulations from the world’s most remote areas.

Weleda Hayfever Kit

Whilst hayfever isn’t strictly grooming related, it’s something that will effect many of you as it does me. Over last 6 years, I’ve lived with the most terrible hayfever that often leaves me practically paralized with inflamed sinuses, massive susceptibility to respiratory infections and totally unable to do anything; so much so I take a prescription antihistamine called Fexofenadine, it’s incredible, but leaves you barely conscious.