Shaving Reviews

Any top shaving tips? Loads! Here are my essentials: Always shave with the direction of hair growth and rarely go against it unless absolutely necessary (to correct any mistakes for example). Exfoliate the skin gently beforehand and afterwards make sure you apply a dedicated aftershave lotion to sooth the skin and prevent dryness, redness and blemishes. Regular exfoliation of the neck will help to prevent ingrown hairs and gentle chemical exfoliation of existing ingrown hairs will help to unblock them.

Rituals Grooming / The Art of The Samurai

I think in 5 years, this is the first time Rituals has appeared on MANFACE. A Dutch brand, inspired by Japanese rituals and skincare – it’s a bit of an odd one. Their products sit in that ‘masstige’ market alongside The Body Shop and Yves Rocher et al. They’re still not massive in the UK, with a mixture of stores and I’ve spotted them in House of Fraser every now and then – they’re much bigger on the continent and pretty big in Spain where I’ve seen them a fair few times.

Panasonic ES-LV95-S The Smart Shave

I have to be honest, I had no idea Panasonic did razors until now. Or at least I did but they were just in the back corners of my mind. Despite over the years owning countless of their TV’s, music players and cameras, they’re not a company I’d ever associated as being a big player in the beauty and grooming sector vs. the likes of Philips and Braun etc.