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Clarins Skincare

So I decided to brave it into enemy territory and try Clarins Skincare. Clinique and Clarins are two of the UK’s biggest skincare companies (as far as I’ve been made aware). As you all know, I’m a Clinique accredited consultant, and through my work and this site, continue to be a patron for the company as the products are ridiculously amazing. However, how can I pretend to be any sort of expert if I’m oblivious to the products of one of the worlds largest and most popular skincare companies? So I do this for you all:

VitaMan Skincare

Well this is something new. I came across a rather wonderful Australian cosmetics company called VitaMan, they specialise in men’s grooming and body products, revitalising men. They’ve been establish since 1999, so 12 years in operation, which in this business, is a very long time indeed!