Facial Exfoliators Reviews

What is an Exfoliator/Scrub? Exfoliators and facial scrubs are designed to remove excess, surface dead skin cells. These dead skin cells are one of the major causes of blackheads, spots and blemishes as they can fall into the pore and create a blockage. Exfoliators can either be manual (beads, grains and buffers) or chemical (astringents, acids and bond-breakers).

Yves Rocher Summer Spree

Why aren’t there more Yves Rocher shops in the UK!? It drives me nuts there’s only one in the whole country in Marylebone, London Central. If you’re not familiar with the brand, they’re a very comfortable cross between The Body Shop and Avon. Their products are wildly underrated, providing excellent efficacy, with good formulations and natural ingredients – topped off with excellent prices.