Dry / Dehydrated Skin Reviews

Skin is often tight and uncomfortable. It can have a dull and flaky appearance. Wrinkles are more prominent. Skin feels dry after showering but feels more comfortable after moisturising; however can feel tight again by midday.

Dermalogica Barrier Repair

For years during winter, I’ve always had these flare ups of excema on the side of my nose, which have lead to spot break outs as the dead skin collapses into the pores. As any exczema sufferer knows, its almost impossible to exfoliate this skin for two reasons, one the effects last for only a couple or hours as the moisture barrier breaks down, and also it can be quiet painful and irritated. So what do you do and how does Dermalogica Barrier Repair do it? Exzema is when normal skin cell turnover, that normally takes 28 days, speeds up to something close to 7 days. Your skin in turn cannot hold onto the moisture properly, so the skin dries out. Then in my case, spots start to appear, and it all looks and feels rather nasty.

Clarins Skincare

So I decided to brave it into enemy territory and try Clarins Skincare. Clinique and Clarins are two of the UK’s biggest skincare companies (as far as I’ve been made aware). As you all know, I’m a Clinique accredited consultant, and through my work and this site, continue to be a patron for the company as the products are ridiculously amazing. However, how can I pretend to be any sort of expert if I’m oblivious to the products of one of the worlds largest and most popular skincare companies? So I do this for you all:

Eucerin Lip Balm

I swear by Bobbi Brown’s Yogi Bare lip balm as my lips get dry, being on the edge of eczema and they can even crack and bleed if not treated properly, the GP has told me just keep them moisturised, and left it at that. Eucerin have been a long standing producer of products targeting the driest of skin types and lip balms are no exception