Scitec War Machine Pre-Workout 13 Component Assault

If you’re not overly familiar with pre-workouts then let me break the myths and chatter surrounding them.

Pre-workouts are perfectly legal and safe (if taken in recommended doses) of stimulants and supplements that aid your workout session through increasing both energy and muscle performance.

Scitec War Machine Pre-Workout 13 Component Assault is one of the most powerful I’ve come across to date and makes for an absolutely insane and intense workout; you’ll be amazed at what you can lift and how far you can push yourself.


There’s a lot of debate as to exactly which creatine is the best and Scitec solve this problem by adding in all three major variations of the supplement helping to supply energy to your cells. Each dose of War Machine Pre-Workout contains 5000mg of  creatine.


Probably my favourite pre-workout ingredient and I’ll try and keep it simple as to why. When you’re working out, fluid in your muscles becomes acidic causing that ‘burning’ sensation.

This acidity can be regulated and reversed by a substance the body produces called Carnosine. The only problem is, you can’t ‘take’ Carnosine; the stomach destroys it far too quickly before your body has a chance to process it.

Beta-Alanine is what’s known as a precursor. The body uses Beta-Alanine by converting it into Carnosine allowing you to workout for much longer before feeling the ‘burn’.

The only side effect which I’m super-excited to say that Scitec War Machine Pre-Workout doesn’t give, is that it can cause a pins and needles effect on the skin all over the body. This does wear off usually.

Folic Acid

Scitec War Machine Pre-Workout contains quite a large amount of Folic Acid that has a whole number of physical benefits including the reduction of tiredness; amino acid synthesis and plays a role in the process of cell division.

This is important as there’s no point in pushing the body beyond its natural limits if the natural molecules and compounds aren’t there to help repair it afterwards.

In Use

Even if you’re used to taking a pre-workout formula, do not under any circumstances take a full recommended dose of this to start with. I did, and ended up laying down on the bathroom floor almost vomiting with the room spinning around me – this is powerful stuff.


Even now I take a 3/4 dose so I’d recommend starting off at 1/3 to 1/2 blended with 400ml of water. I’m using the orange flavour at the moment and it’s quite delicious with only a slight after taste but essentially easy to drink and not sickly sweet like many others.


The workout it gives you is just insane; I feel focused, determined, energised and strong. I can lift a good 1/4+ more weight than I can without it and don’t feel absolutely exhausted afterwards.

Come Down

The come down is slow and steady rather than a crash. You come down relatively slowly and it works with me for around an hour to an hour and a half. If necessary, take another dose if you feel you’re starting to wane.


When using pre-workouts, try hard not to use them all the time as prolonged use can affect mood and sleep-patterns. Try and use it only on the sessions that need absolute power so for me that’s chest, arms and legs; I skin it for cardio sessions, back and shoulders.

Then, make sure that every few weeks to a month, don’t use it at all for a week or so just to give your body time to adjust and so you don’t become used to its effects, causing you to need more and more.


I was gobsmacked over the price as pre-workout formulas are often ridiculously expensive which is tough when not all of them work; it can lead to a lot of wastage.

Scitec War Machine Pre-Workout is available here from Scitec Direct for just £16.69 with free delivery.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 10:39 August 24, 2015
Russell Jones

Hi Thom,

Just found this review really glad that you enjoyed War Machine, we’ve found it to be really popular amongst our customers. Have you tried Attack yet? it’s another pre-work out, not quite as intense but still really good and some lovely flavours. it’s also 20% off at the moment

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