Scitec 100% Beef Concentrate Protein Supplement

I really have trouble with protein supplements. Being a lactose-intolerant means that most things containing any form of milk can set off a hugely unpleasant, bloated and painful reaction that can leave me crocked for a good day.

Scitec 100% Beef Concentrate Protein Supplement is completely lactose-free to start with despite that not being the main feature or the product, it’s certainly a huge benefit for me. It’s also free from man-boob soy.

At the same time, rather than extracting the proteins from Whey, which for many people can cause an excess of farty-bloating, this comes from 100% natural fresh beef raw material – no hormones or any other crap. It’s also essentially pre-digested protein (enzymatically hydrolyzed) meaning that it’s easily absorbed by the body.

I’ve been using the Almond-Chocolate flavour and it’s without a doubt, the most delicious protein supplement I’ve ever had; it’s actually a pleasure to drink rather than a gagging-chore. It’s also a great consistency too, like a milkshake – even with water!

I cannot rate this product high enough and after a couple of months of testing, I’m thrilled to bits and can’t see me changing this any time soon. It gives me the proteins I need with none of the aforementioned side effects; I just feel great.

Scitec 100% Beef Concentrate Protein Supplement starts at just £26.60 for 33 servings and £44.71 for 66 servings. You’ll need the link here as at the moment, there’s (the proper website) and then this useless site that keeps popping up on Google.

Also, I tried a sample of their War Machine pre-workout; it’s absolutely insane and now my Optimum Nutrition has run out, this will be my next jump for the perfect pump!

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