Scholl To The Rescue: Foam Padding

Like the stereotypical cliche of a woman buying a pair of ruby red shoes that are horrendously painful and fit in all the wrong ways, I bought myself a pair of gorgeous, red, laced, converse pumps. I saw them in Topman and had to have them, they’re gorgeous, and because I wear mainly black and burgundy, the went with everything I had.

So last week I came down to London for 3 days for a series of PR meets (11 meetings in total) and decided that I’d wear my shiny, new, red shoes. I planned my outfits as I always do and they went with all of them. You already know where I’m going with this, I’m certain of it.

By about lunch time on the first day, my feet were starting to ‘pinch’ a little bit, but this happens with all new shoes, normally, you’d swap them for another pair and put them on again a few days later to wear them in, but having none with me, I had no such luxury. By the first evening my feet were sore. Back at the hotel, I soaked them, and let them breathe, dreading that I’d have to wear them again in the morning. The morning came and I put them on again, they oddly felt OK. By lunch time, I couldn’t walk. I mean seriously, I looked like I was suffering with rickets, and no word of a lie, I boarded the underground and a guy who had watched me get on actually gave me his seat.

So I hobbled to Boots, straight to the footcare isle, and bought one of everything they had, including Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding. I went back to the Hotel, and applied blister plasters to my heels, and then cut the Scholl padding in half, adhering both pads over the blister plasters, then securing them with a few cheap, fabric plasters.

Well, I cannot tell you, it a miracle, I’d been cured. Not only could I not feel any pain, my feet were the most comfortable they had been in a long time. The padding was so well secured, yet so dense, I couldn’t feel any contact between the backs of the shoes (made of razor blades!) and my heels. I was able to walk, run, or even dance if I wanted to. Needless to say, Scholl saved my entire trip and to them I’ll be eternally grateful for producing such a fabulous product.

You’ve got to have this in your shoe cupboard for the next time you make the same mistake. Pick it up here from Boots for just £1.85 (the packaging has changed but it’s the same product).

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