Sassoon Titan Series Rechargeable Beard Trimmer

This is my second product review of Titan Series from Sassoon for Men. This time it’s their amazing rechargeable beard trimmer. Now unfortunately I have the facial hair of a middle aged woman (my mum will kill me for that), but its true, I dream of a 5 o’clock shadow. I get hair on my neck and a really shit moustache, that is all.

My friend Euan however resembles some sort of mountain person, a wild man if you will, but is someone who would really benefit from a good beard trimmer, so a perfect test subject.

The beard trimmer comes with the device, AC adaptor and cradle and charges fully after 8 hours. The trimmer has a really nice weight and just like the hair trimmer in the range, feels like a really solid and substantial piece of kit.

Using the trimmer Euan said that the device was really nice to use, ergonomic, quiet and gives a really great finish. The only downsize is that the device’s length guide starts at 3mm, so you either have 3mm + stubble, or remove the guard completely. This is a personal preference however but I will point out that this is definitely a trimmer and not a razor. Finally the device is really easy to clean! Making it really hygienic.

How much would you expect to pay for a rechargeable beard trimmer from one of the most prestigious and heritage rich hair companies in the world? £20.47? More? Well no actually, just £20.47.

Sassoon Titan Series Beard Trimmer £20.47/each at Tesco Online

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