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I wanted to share this as I know many of my readers are hair and beauty professionals. Anyone who follows me on Twitter @ManfaceBlog, may have read that a few months back I qualified in Level 3 Beauty Therapy and have been patiently waiting (to say the least) for my official certificates. Well last week, 2 months later, they turned up. Hurrah!

So my first mission was to get down to Sally Professional Hair & Beauty in Huddersfield to register for my trade card. All done and now I have my temporary card which I was told I may need to use for the considerable future; but it’s a valid trade card all the same.


The advantages of a trade card (and I rang and checked this out in my paranoia as this is my first trade card of any description) is that as well as being able to shop for salon supplies for your business, both in-house and mobile, the whole trade store opens up to products you can use for yourself – all at trade prices.

Today I went down for the VAT-Free day which gets the absolute rock-bottom trade price on all goods in-store. I was told that unfortunately TIGI don’t allow their prices to be be sold VAT-Free but the prices are still ridiculously low anyway; for example Bed Head Small Talk (Volumizer) was £7.99 instead of £12.33 at Look Fantastic. I’ll definitely be reviewing a some of the products I purchased over the next few weeks. There are some great brands from premium and prestige to great budget, in-house brands.

If you’re a hair and beauty industry professional then get yourself to Sally, with 259 stores nation-wide you’re mad not to and it’s great to finally have access to the exclusive store that my hair dressers and beauticians have told me about for years.

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