Running my business: Workspace ZEN with Simply Business #Sponsored

It’s not often I’m asked to do something outside of the grooming and beauty arena, but the Workspace ZEN campaign from Simply Business was something I was more than delighted to get my teeth into.

As a wee disclaimer, Simply Business did pay me for this, but I  stress that it was for the time taken, which to both tidy (let’s not pretend my workspace ALWAYS looks this organised), shoot and write took a good day.

So, Simply Business as a part of Workspace ZEN asked me to talk about my own work space and how it’s helped me be more productive in my business. I was also asked to share my top 5 tips on how to improve your workspace which is definitely worth a read through – it was a rare moment of me actually making some sense!

The full article I wrote is here over on the Simply Business blog with lots of photos of my home office as well as a hideous photo of myself sat at my desk.

Simply Business also asked another 4 bloggers to take part which, if you’re sick of listening to me, you should check out here! They’re very, very interesting – picking up a few tips myself.

I’m interested to know anyway, have you got any tips on working for yourself at home? How do you keep things organised?

Posted at 19:46 August 31, 2015
Josh | The Kentucky Gent

Always, always looking for tips on keeping my work space clean. Especially since it’s part of my live space as well. Thanks for the insight ;)

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

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