Thierry Mugler Amen

My all time favourite fragrance would probably have to be Thierry Mugler Amen. I’ve used it since I was 13 and will always remain my fragrance of choice. The day I have none of that in the house, you may as well kill me- I’m already dead. To this day however, I’m corrected in perfume departments, by supercilious bitches correcting my pronunciation of ‘Ar-men’ (the correct pronunciation I might add), to the American ‘Ae-men’, nobs, despite the fact that Thierry Mugler is bloody FRENCH!? So he definitely doesn’t say ‘Ae-men’. Every time! Anyway I digress…

Eucerin Lip Balm

I swear by Bobbi Brown’s Yogi Bare lip balm as my lips get dry, being on the edge of eczema and they can even crack and bleed if not treated properly, the GP has told me just keep them moisturised, and left it at that. Eucerin have been a long standing producer of products targeting the driest of skin types and lip balms are no exception