Outstanding Innovation in Skincare

Dark circles are something that plagues us all, but particularly men. Caused through tiredness, stress, poor health or sometimes passed down hereditarily, they make us look warn out, unhealthy and knackered. I get a couple of emails a week asking me for advice and recommendations etc, but the main question that crops up time and time again is about how to treat dark circles.

I’ve used Crème de la Mer’s Eye Balm Intense which does wonders but with that price-tag you’d imagine it would. I wanted something that was effective, quick acting, long lasting and sustainable.

So the winner of the Outstanding Innovation in Skincare Award 2012 is Clinique Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector. Not only have I seen incredible results through using this myself, the feedback of people I’ve put onto it has been astounding.

It’s a pail cream that you apply with a metal applicator. The eye area is immediately brightened by light reflectors, but over time the treatment ingredients, accompanied by the massaging applicator, get to work to lastingly reduce dark circles, leaving you looking healthier and more wide awake.

I’m in love with this product as it’s powerful, hydrating and does exactly what is says on the tin which you’ll find is often the case with Clinique products and at £28, it’s not breaking the bank. Congratulations Clinique.

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