Outstanding Contribution to Clinical Concerns

The Outstanding Contribution to Clinical Concerns 2012 Award goes to a brand I believe are pioneers and leaders in clinically driven cosmetics, but are very over-looked here in the UK, despite being a giant on the continent.

I’ve made no bones about the fact I prefer a clinically driven and chemically formulated approach to skin care in favour of holistics. I’m not saying holistic skincare is ineffective, I just prefer the former. La Roche Posay have met the challenges of complicated and erratic skin behaviour with ranges designed to treat, repair and protect. The Outstanding Contribution to Clinical Concerns therefore goes to the EFFACLAR range, designed for Oily / Blemish prone skin types, but those types which are also prone to sensitivity.

Plagued by sensitivity of products all my life, I find it difficult managing my skin type as most products utilise more harsh surfactants and balancers that are not always conducive to calm skin. Not only did the EFFACLAR range massively reduced my breakouts, shininess and blocked pores, it left my skin feeling calm and well hydrated.

After seeing the range tested extensively by others, I’m further reassured of the brand’s efficacy. Unfortunately, we are yet to see La Roche Posay delivered to clients as effectively here as on the continent but I’m sure it’ll come. Their website here gives great in depth information and video tutorials on skin, skin concerns and you. Congratulations to La Roche Posay.

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