Original Source Shower Gels for Men

If you have never used original source, then you clearly have not lived. Famed for their tinglingly minty shower gel, they’ve struck some gold with their new line of up shower gels for men. The range is composed of 5 stunningly unique fragrances that each leave your skin unbelievably refreshed and smelling amazing. I will rate each product on how powerfully skin tingling they really are with the Ballometer Scale ranging from 1 to 5.

Black Mint – 6/5

This is similar to the original mint they’re so famed for but multiplied by over gazillion. It contains an amazing 8899 fresh mint leaves for an extreme tingle, as well as mint leaf oil and black mint leaf extract.

Spearmint – 3/5

Boosts hydration, packed with 643 spearmint leaves, spearmint leaf oil, black pepper, eucalyptus leaf oil. Not my favourite out of the range, a little Colgatey, but still really pleasant and refreshing. It really does leave skin smoother and softer.

Lemon and Lime – 1/5

Stuffed with 5 lemons, 20 limes, as well as reviving lemon peel oil, lime oil, bergamot oil, orange oil and finally pine oil. It’s not as tingly as the others and more juicy / fruity and still stunning.

Black Pepper and Chilli – 4/5

Tonnes of Chillies are rammed into this rating over 100,000 on the scoville scale, spicy black pepper, habinera and camphor. It really reminds me of Tiger Balm, and if you foam it in your hands and breathe it in, it really opens up your lungs.

Eucalyptus – 4/5

This is possibly my favourite, and despite being labeled as energising, is actually really relaxing in my opinion. I’ve been using it to relax after the gym and soothe aches. There are a whopping 53 drops of essential eucalyptus oil!

You have got to try this range and I guarantee that at least one of them will become one of your favourite shower gels. For me it was the Eucalyptus, and I think you’ll see why! Give them a try.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 02:32 March 15, 2012
Thom Watson


The Black Pepper and Chilli is definitely my favourite.

I’ve had a bit of a cold over the last few days and once that lathers up in your hands, if you breathe it in, it really opens your sinuses and lungs.

Try this product!

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