Music Magpie: Do you sell? #Sponsored

Firstly I must point out that this is a sponsored post but still an interesting subject nonetheless. There are numerous brands out there that allow you to sell your old stuff, some specialising mainly in cd’s, electronics, gadgets and phones, but none, I’ve seen so far, that enable you to sell your old clothes.

So I thought I’d do a little digging myself and see if I could get some cash for old clothes and I was pleasantly surprised. Music Magpie ask, obviously, that the clothes are in good condition but assuming that they have been worn, sometimes a lot! I managed to get together a good £30 with around 15 items of clothing that, in all honesty, I won’t/can’t fit into again.

Where does all your stuff go? Well Music Magpie often sells on a lot of your goods to outlets and with clothes, if they can’t be sold ‘as is’, they can be sold for the fabric and used in a while number of ways. You may end up buying your clothes back one way or another in the future? Who knows.

As well as clothing, you can also sell on your electronics, cd’s and games. They have a great iPhone app I’ve been playing with that allows you to scan products as you go around the house, saving so much time. With the amount of unwatched and un-listened to cd’s and dvd’s knocking around, I might be able to get some serious cash.

On a final note, something that does occur to me, I would always still recommend giving to Charity Shops if you can. The other Mr. Manface would tell you what an absolutel Charity Shop fiend I am; I can’t walk past without going in as often, particularly with old camera equipment, there are some amazing bargains to be had. But, at a time of national austerity and just to get yourself some extra money to spend on yourself of your family, then definitely see what Music Magpie could offer your for your clothes, cd’s, games, dvd’s and gadgets.

Posted at 18:01 May 5, 2013

I’ve used Music Magpie to sell cd’s and games. They are great when you want a big clearout!

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