MOANFACE: The ‘Book’, Hate & Hopkins

The Ghost of Christmas Blast

I’m by no means the first to ‘have my say’ on the ‘Zoella / Ghostwriting’ debacle and I’ll be very honest; I don’t care. I don’t understand vlogger culture, I don’t think I ever will and that is my right. Just as its the right of people who love these YouTube ‘stars’ and admire them for their achievements.

MOANFACE: The Dangers of Being Overweight in 2014

If this was an article about the dangers of smoking and how disgusting it is for your health and fitness, I’d get 100% agreement. Cigarette packets are labelled with graphic images of diseased lungs and slogans such as “Smoking causes cancer”. However, if a fat person is advised by anyone that their size may be unhealthy – all hell breaks loose. You’re accused of ‘Fat-Shaming’. Please, fuck off (this is pretty much the tone of the article, you’ve been warned).