MOANFACE: Dear Boots…


Dear Boots,

I write this out of love and frustration but couldn’t keep this held inside any longer. I also don’t think I’m alone in my thoughts…

Why, oh why do you have almost no testers in your stores, clean or otherwise? When I have decided to take the risk and buy an unknown product, I’m  then left needing to root through the boxes and cartons you use to display products looking for something that hasn’t yet been opened. Your shelves are often untidy, splattered with product with a mish-mash of ripped boxes.

Why, oh why is there never anyone to ask? Other than your concessional staff on the luxury brands, it seems there’s no one who knows anything about the other fabulous brands you stock such as Yves Rocher I was thinking of Vichy and La Roche Posay to name a few. There are bays and sections with skin-scanners and the most well thought-out consultation areas, but with no one there to help.

Why, oh why do your stores look so dated and dog-rough? I know we’re in a recession, but you’re Boots, one of the biggest and highest grossing retail companies in the UK yet your stores never seem updated, utilising out of date marketing and point-of-sale shelving with displays that all just look depressing. Look at how Sephora go about it on the continent, with great big consoles where products are in easy reach, at the perfect height and urge you to look and play and that’s even with their own budget range products! I know you’ve done up some stores, but the big ones in my area, particularly Boots Manchester, Huddersfield Centre and Boots at The Trafford Centre are grim, really grim.

Why, oh why do you still use those nasty plastic bags? Having your reputation built on being Boots the Pharmacist, why not use white paper bags, similar to those used in the Pharmacy? Really get your apothecary feel back. Paper is the way forward, and those bags are so flimsy and rubbish, one trip home and they’re ready for the bin!

Well, oh well, I must say that when I can finally get hold of a member of staff, they’re always courteous, considerate, polite and eager to help, despite always seeming rushed off their feet. They smile, say “hello”, and mean it. Despite your shop fits filling me with wild anger and rage, your staff always leave me feeling contented and relatively satisfied. I will also add that your Advantage Card scheme is the best around.

I think it’s time for an update Boots, you need to move on. Use some of that money you have so much of and with it, I guarantee you’ll make even more. You could even buy yourselves a white and blue Boots helicopter that flies over small villages and towns blasting ‘Here comes the girls’ to all the townsfolk? Just an idea.

With all the love in the world,


Posted at 23:34 November 6, 2012


Posted at 11:07 October 31, 2012

You new to come to Boots Merry Hill store. We always have testers and I never have a problem getting a member of staff. I genuinely really like our store. It’s big too, split over two floors.
Agree about the bags though :)

    Posted at 12:43 October 31, 2012
    Thom Watson

    Merry Hill sounds like such a magical place!

Posted at 10:46 October 31, 2012

Well thought out, well written post Thom. Will the company act on it? Probably not. There are some changes being implemented, but it does tend to be very slow coming.

Boots is no different than any other business nowadays; max profit for minimal outlay. Personally, I prefer to shop elsewhere, largely for the reasons you menion.

That last bit about the helicopter produced a major bwahahaha! from me.

Ali x

Posted at 10:26 October 31, 2012

Fully agree with everything. Their advantage card is the best around which earns them major points (no pun intended) but their stark white lights and Lino floor leave a lot to be desired in their store plans.
Having more knowledgable staff planted around the store would only help them as I’m sure they would easily persuade me to part with more cash.

Posted at 08:46 October 31, 2012

I genuinely could not agree more, with everything that you said. I am now 24. Boots must have been the place both my family, friends and I have shopped at as long as I can remember, yet I do not remember it ever, not once, being different or being updated or refurbed. It’s always been the same.

I so wish we could have something more like Sephora. But when you think about it, Boots basically is. Just a very old, very tired version whose not quite ready for the up to date brands and more easy to navigate stands.

I wish a post like this, so well written as well may I add, was enough for them to make a change, I really do xo

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