Mitchum Endurance Deodorants

Many of you may  have read my glittering review of the Khiel’s Deoderant for Men. I have to say, to date it has been the only deoderant to effectively work for me, that doesn’t make me feel sticky, damage my clothes, and smell like insect repellant.

I have however got hold of the new Mitchum Endurance for Men range, and in all honesty, I love it. I hate overpowering fragrances in deodorants and the fragrances in this range are very pleasant with a traditional fresh man-musk, all offering white mark minimisation.

The Spray is great as well. I’m not usually a fan of aerosols as it’s a bit of a shock to the system at 7 in the morning, but this was nice as it again, didn’t produce a white gas that stained everything it touched as this is something I have experienced in the past. It also didn’t transfer any marks whatsoever onto my clothing. Again, the protection was very long lasting, and as with the roll on I didn’t feel like it needed reapplying at any point during the day.My favourite has to be the roll on. I usually hate roll-on deodorants as in all honesty, they take the piss, leaving you wet, sticky and marking your clothes as they dry with this irremovable white powder.The Mitchum version however is fantastic. It dry’s instantly with no overpowering fragrance and resulting in all day protection with no white marks whatsoever. I really did find it endured. 

Finally the stick. There is honestly not much extra I can add in, only to say that as the other two did so effectively, it left no white marks, smelt great and protected me all day, but what I can add is that it left my underarms feeling very soft (not that it’s something I pay a huge amount of attention to).

The Challenge: Right, well my pet peeve is that even though the Clinique uniform looks great, whoever designed the men’s lab coat, with the arm pits of the garment pushing right up into your actual armpits, needs to have a word with themselves. The one time I ever find myself perspiring a little more than usual is when wearing this. The reason is that sweat directly transfers into the coat and there it stays for some hours (ew, I know) simply because it is shoved right into your armpit. This coupled by Selfridges being around 300 degrees Celsius does not make for a pleasant aroma unless you’re well protected. The Mitchum endurance trio passed this test rather successfully leaving no marks in my uniform, although with it being white that’s hard to tell, but I trust it hasn’t done, as well as no odor whatsoever, and actually keeping everything a lot dryer.

Overall, I’m dry and impressed. Good work Mitchum!



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