There are many online shopping destinations aimed at men, some look good and sell rubbish, and some look rubbish but play home to some pretty gorgeous brands; however, here’s a new addition to the market that has the best of both. I was able to speak to Anton Webb from Mensphere who happily gave me some insight into the thought and concept of their baby.


Mensphere is an online shopping destination for men providing the hottest in grooming and style accessories. As well as stocking classic brands and popular favourites such as Clinique, Clarins, Anthony Logistics and Billy Jealousy, they also have some wonderfully niche luxury brands you might not be so familiar with such as Prospector Co, Germaine De Capuccini and Alice Made This. Anton added that “Mensphere is British, modern and stands for high quality and will remain a source of new and cutting edge brands in all its chosen categories”.

Their accessories are to die for and have made my payment finger rather twitchy with stunning eye-wear from Massada, these are my favourite, aren’t they beautiful? Then there’s their selection of bags and satchels, how gorgeous is this 11″ satchel from Bohemia?

What’s great to see from a grooming retailer is a list of products based on skin concern, which is incredibly helpful for guys that aren’t that expert in knowing what to look for.

Finally Mensphere have introduced a unique and novel way of retailing gifts, based on the kind of man you’re buying for, then broken down into price brackets. There’s the Travelling, Social and Working Man. Your products are uniquely hand-picked based on what you’ve selected and are all full-sized. I’m waiting until they add the ‘fussy and pretentious gay man’ and I’ll be there like a shot.

Finally there’s a fabulous journal created by the team with features and editorials covering style, fashion, travel and design. Anton Webb told me that “interacting with various social media with rich content that is constantly being updated and reaches the climax when a customer buys a product through a single page checkout.”

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