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What a delight to receive this handy, letterbox sized package through my door this morning from the amazing guys at, which upon opening presented me with 5 stunning grooming products surrounded by sweets (that once again I’m sat here eating as I review).

The box is designd to let you a preview 5 rather stunning high-end grooming products in deluxe travel sizes. The is £10 and a different one is sent out every 3 months, you can either buy it as a one off or subscribe. I have to say, £10 is nothing for the great products you get, it’s like opening a Christmas present.

In this particular box I got:

Organic Homme Shave Now Wash and Shave – A brilliant SLS, paraben, alcohol, perfume and colorant FREE facial wash, that because of having such a thick lather is an amazing shave lubricant. The smell is amazing with a combination of grapefruit, geranium, ylang ylang, chamomile and mandarin. Stunning.

Billy Jealousy Illicit Body WashA rich lathering wash oozing fragrance of Bergamot, Tea, Ivy and Sandalwood, as well as moisturising hemp seed oil, all adding up to a stunning SLS and paraben free body cleanser.

Shave Works Cool Fix – An awesome post shave treatment to calm and sooth irritated skin that can flare up from shaving. The gel is pretty firm meaning you can really work it into the skin before it all absorbs, instantly cooling as it sinks in. It disappears quickly allowing you to then layer your moisturiser over the top.

John Allan’s Slick Water – A couple of drops of this before applying shave cream/gel immediately softens the skin and the hair. I found that if you exfoliate with your face scrub, dry the skin off, apply a few drops of this and then add in my gel, it made for one of the best shaves of my life, leaving my with next to no irritation.

Vitaman Foot Recovery Gel – An old favourite of mine from this naturally based Australian Grooming Company. After applying this to cleansed, tired feet, it instantly cools whilst anti-bacterial ingredients such as tea-tree leave skin disinfected. Brilliant to rejouvianete after a hard run, as well as a brilliant way to fight off that good-old man’s favourite, Athlete’s Foot.

This box is definitely worth trying for yourself as well as being a great idea for any men you know that are difficult to buy for. They also offer different packages for different things, such as the rather cool SockPlan, BladeShunner or even 5 Monthly Dental Plan. I did a review of The Works a bit ago, click to read.

Because of’s continuing ingenuity in the world of male grooming, I am awarding them with the Manface Approved Award and by god they deserve it! The Discovery Quarterly £10/5 Products at

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