Now, this time I’ll be reviewing a service rather than products, although products are involved, I assure you. It’s something that I’ve been raving about to my friends and colleagues since I found out about it and it has to be one of the best ideas ever, full stop. I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting concepts, and you’ll never believe it, I’ve found one.

It’s a men’s grooming subscription service, delivering man essentials periodically from this rather bloody marvellous site, There are different packages available for either a one off delivery or monthly deliveries and so on. Oh they also deliver socks. I need this in my life. I never seem to have socks, which when your other half works for Next and brings you packs upon packs of them, is pretty pathetic.

So I got my hands on one of these boxes, it’s called ‘The Works’ which includes, funnily enough, the works; everything I need to live to my manly fullest, all delivered in a letterbox sized box. So what’s in the box?:

  • 1 x Radox Hair and Body Wash 250ml
  • 1 x Nivea For Men Mild Shaving Creme 100ml
  • 1 x King of Shaves Azor Razor
  • 1 x Spare King of Shaves Azor Blade
  • 1 x King of Shaves Face Balm 50ml
  • 1 x Extra Luxury Item rotated each month – Moose Head: Face scrub
  • SWEETS! – Favorite part. This definitely gives me an incentive to groom and wash myself.

“Thom, tell me more!”. OK…

The Site

The site is set out fantastically, the branding of the company is incredibly ‘à la mode’ (used Mac Thesaurus on the word, ‘Modern’ to sound smartified). It’s very functional and easy to use, great for if you want to buy for yourself, or if you’re a long suffering partner having to go to Boots for his stuff because he’s too intimidated or can’t be ars*d (which frankly doesn’t warrant this sentiment, so charge it to his debit card.)

The Pricing

‘The Works’ box is £50.97 for one box a month, for three months. If I’ve done my maths correctly, forgetting the luxury item, the overall RRP per box is around £22.98, so that’s a saving of £17.97 over the three months, and that’s not even including the free luxury gift, and the free p&p. ALL INCLUDED. £50.97!? BARGAIN!

The Products

Well. The products are good quality mass market toiletries, and perfect for a complete wash and shave. I like that the toiletries don’t invade on my regular skincare. So after I’ve used them, my skin’s all ready for my Clinique 3-Step. There’s an eclectic mix of brands, and a real chance to try something new; Nivea for Men’s Mild Shaving Cream for example, it’s a fantastic product and has been put straight into my regularly used travel bag, as well as that brilliant Azor Razor, as I’ve only ever had Gillette because that’s what the TV tells me to buy.

I feel the kit has been well designed by a very clever boffin, attempting to accommodate all skin types as well as possible.

My only criticism is that it would be nice to see some prestige products in the range, as I do still love, swear by and rave about my Clinique shaving regimen, so possibly the addition of tiered kits, such as basic, classic and luxury, something along those lines, but other than that, pretty darn satisfied. But for oblivious men, this is a very high level to start at, the hard effort of choosing and decision making has been done for you. The only further they could go is if they got the postman to open the delivery and then proceed to shave you, but I believe that’s possibly crossing some sort of boundary.

I really suggest you give this a go. It makes men’s products fun, removing the dread of the beauty halls and counters that I know so many guys fear. Christmas (urgh), is not that far away so for the long suffering boyfriends and girlfriends, why not treat him to this? I tell you, he’ll be hooked, and it’ll save you being sent out.

Oh and I’m currently sat eating the sweets as I type so that’s given me a pretty nice buzz, they even stick a pack of love hearts on the outer box for the postman, to ensure safe delivery. He didn’t take his, so sod him, I’m eating them as well.

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