MANFACE Meatballs

I’ve been cooking this a lot lately, more than I think my heart and cholesterol levels would really like me to, but it’s delicious, flavoursome and hearty. It’s so easy to make, you just need to allow time, although it requires very little attention.

Firstly add powdered garlic, dried mixed herbs, dried onions, bay leaves, pepper and a pinch of salt the bottom of a large pan. Then throw in a very generous drizzle of olive oil.

Add in your favourite jar of garlic and tomato pasta sauce. I’ll be really honest with you, the really cheap ones work great, particularly the ASDA or ALDI own brand sauces that generally cost around 80p. Then pour in a tin of chopped tomatoes. Mix the entire contents together and put onto a very low heat on the smallest ring. Leave this with the lid on to simmer for around an hour.

In an hour’s time, come back and throw in around half a glass of red wine (a whole glass, let’s be honest) into the bubbling mixture and stir in well. Take your meatballs out the freezer if that’s where they’re being stored and defrost them in your microwave using the ‘defrost by weight’ setting.

Most people pre-cook the meatballs in the oven or a frying pan first, I hate this and my method makes it so much tastier. Very quickly, ramp the heat up on the pasta sauce, ensuring it’s not so hot it starts to burn, but get the mixture nice and bubbling. Then throw your defrosted meatballs right in there. The heat of the sauce will be hot enough to sear the meatballs and stop them breaking apart while allowing the juices to more easily flow through the pasta sauce and vice versa. After around 30-60 seconds of the meatballs being in the sauce on a high heat, return to the lowest heat, replace the lid, and leave to cook for around 40 minutes. Come back and check the meatballs are cooked through.

When the meatballs are looking almost done, throw on your pasta which should take only around 12 minutes. When all is done, serve up an obscenely large portion, with parmesan and a little more pepper. I leave the rest to cool and then throw it in a Tupperware to pop into the freezer. It’s delicious and although it takes a while, it’s so easy and the result is gorgeous. I’m actually thinking you could even do this in a slow-cooker, I’ll try it next time and report back.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 18:08 May 5, 2013

Next time I want and invitation! I could eat this every day no lie, but I’ve had to curb my pasta binges to once every three months otherwise I’ll have to go to pastaholics anon :D

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