Lynx Apollo: Nothing Beats an Astronaut

I’m always honest with you, my lovely readers, and I’ll admit that I’ve never been much of a Lynx fan, but I am fully aware there are so many Lynx lovers out there!

I received what has to be my favourite press gift ever, a full-body, astronaut jump suit, plastered with Nasa, Lynx and US regalia. It’s pretty cool. Their advert campaigns are pretty funny too. Have you seen the one with the fireman?

The range is described as “classically masculine and sophisticated with an addictive fresh combination of crisp sparkling fruits, clary sage and a creamy, musky background. LYNX Apollo products are designed to help guys look, feel and smell their best.” There’s both a spray and roll-on deodorant, as well as a fragrance body spray, shower gel and cream hair gel. I’ve actually been enjoying the shower gel, it gives a great lather and has a fantastic musky scent with top notes of crisp apple!

The whole collection is already available in the shops and currently Lynx are offering a group of lucky winners the chance to go into space, actual space, not a gravity flight… Space! Check out their fantastic website here which contains all the information you need to enter.

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