Winter Wishes Lush Christmas Gift

Nothing beats opening a LUSH Christmas gift on Christmas Day. Every year, hands down, they are the most thoughtfully designed and packaged cosmetics gifts available; never tired, repeated or lacklustre and Winter Wishes is no exception.

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Brown paper packages tied up with string, these are a few of your favourite things

Christmas Day – You’ve been roused at an ungodly hour, opened all your presents and the family is due for dinner in 3 hours. Take your time, go upstairs, grab a bath with your Snowcake Soap, whilst the other half takes a shower with Ponche. Put your Snow Globe soap in the guest bathroom to give some extra Christmas cheer to all the family. Finally after a long and tiring day, a gentle relaxing massage before bed with the Each Peach massage bar. Sound good? Click the second button at the bottom of the images to take you to a picture of the collection.


Inspired by the fire and spirit of Mexico, this feisty, luminous and unbelievable tangy shower gel left me clean and smelling great, whilst preserving my skin’s hydration. So what’s the smell? Infused with Cinnamon, Orange Juice, Davana, Petitgrain and “TEQUILA!”. That’s right, tequila, but with no lemon and salt required.


My perfect bath soap – creamy, smooth and I felt unimaginably squeaky clean. It smells like marzipan, really sweet and soft but not sickly and bland. The coconut oil will leave your skin feeling great, I know it did mine!


Bright blue and smelling of lemongrass and lemon myrtle. It smells amazing and gives a really rich lather, but not so much you’ll be washing your hands for ever and a day. I’ve cut my piece into two, and have put them on the bathroom sinks. Not only does it make the place look incredibly seasonal, your hands will feel amazing!


Lush massage bars are usually all made with a blend of Cocoa and Shea butter which gives them this incredible creamy smell, however this is packed full with Mango Kernel Butter, Lime Oil, Sweet Wild Orange Oil, Mandarin Oil, Grapefruit Oil and Safflower Petals. This leaves it beautifully fruity but with a gentle edge to it, leaving your skin incredibly well moisturised, but zingy and fresh. It’s great as a body moisturiser, but when heated in your hands, it lasts really well as a massage bar, not sinking into the skin straight away giving you time for plenty efflourage and petrissage.

At £15.50, you’ve got just under 3 weeks to hint your socks off to make sure you get this from under the Christmas Tree.

Posted at 11:23 December 5, 2012
Alison Harriman

I looooove Lush! I hadn’t been into one of their stores in so long, so last week I treated myself at the Birmingham outlet while checking out the German Christmas Market.

I bought myself a little yellow gift pack with Happy Hippy shower gel, a slice of Bohemian soap and a square of exfoliating body butter. The name of which escapes me, but it feels great.

Ali x

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