Halloween 2015 with LUSH Ltd

Boo! This year LUSH Ltd have come up with something a little different for Christmas Halloween (it’a all blending into one at the moment) rather than purely a range of bath ballistics bath bombs. No, this time there’s 4 core products including the Nightwing Shower Jelly; Lord of Misrule Shower Scream; Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb (a returning favourite); Sparkly (*sigh*) Pumpkin Bubble Bar.

Nightwing Shower Jelly £3.95

Halloween is the only acceptable time to bring out the shower jellies IMHO. They’re gross with a very odd, slime-like consistency. Whilst this isn’t what I want at Christmas or Easter, this is definitely what I want to get into the freaky-spirit on Halloween. Fragranced with distilled lime, aloe gel, fresh lime juice and carob syrup, the scent is to diiiieeee for (said in the voice Vincent Price). Pull a bit off and whilst trying to avoid it inevitably falling to the shower floor and down your plug-hole, crush it in your hand and work it into a beautiful, fragranced lather. Oh, and it’s shaped like a bat.

Lord of Misrule Shower Scream from £4.95

Muhahaha. Inspired by the Pagon Feast of Fools, this shower cream composed of fair trade vanilla absolute, patchouli and spicy black pepper really warms your cockles and softens the skin. The scent is just classic LUSH, and everything you’d hope for when you think of the brand. It’s based on the seasonal appearance (although maybe permanent these days) of the Lord of Misrule bath bomb…

Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb £3.95

So gorgeous. this is definitely my favourite bath bomb, with the same scent as the shower cream – vanilla absolute, black pepper and patchouli. It drops into the water foaming and bubbling green, then all of a sudden a deep, wine-coloured mist begins to bleed out turning the water a fabulous shade of red. It’s absolutely gorgeous and so relaxing!

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar £3.65

FFS. It’s so glittery and took me ages to wipe it off everything in the press box and then from my hands. I’m not bothered what’s in it as it will never be used but I suppose I’d better tell you. Sparkly Pumpkin shares the same scent as the Christmas Mr. Punch soap if you remember it? Lime, grapefruit and juniper berry. Such a waste as if you scraped off all the horrendous gold glitter, you’d have something really quite beautiful. Let’s just hope LUSH Ltd are finally getting to the end of that apparent glitter-surplus overspend? *fingers crossed for Christmas*

Posted at 20:22 October 23, 2015
Josh | The Kentucky Gent

Lord of Misrule is one of my favorites from their Holiday collections!

Josh | The Kentucky Gent

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