Lotil Seriously Good Foot Care

Advertised as seriously good foot care, they weren’t wrong.

Based on the original Lotil formula (see the review in the archive), this wonderfully rich foot cream, containing Aloe vera extracts, instantly soaks into the skin.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really used foot creams, but lately, especially as the weathers been getting colder, I have noticed my feet start to dry out a little.

The one problem I’ve had on the occasions I have tried foot creams is that they tend to be sooo greasy and really don’t give ‘quick’ relief to my sometimes dry feet.

This feels really rich when it goes on, and I immediately thought this was going to be one of the aforementioned,  but within seconds, it sank in and left my feet amazingly hydrated and refreshed, you could actually feel it.

This is something well worth a try and comes in a massive tub at a steal from your local Boots store.

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