Wearable Fragrance Jewellery with Lockstone by Vanacci

How cool is this? Lockstone by Vanacci is a product on its way to market that allows you to wear your favourite fragrance in Jewellery form. The design, currently seeking patent, is from my very own home of Yorkshire.Lockstone-by-Vanacci-01

The Lockstone is a… well… a stone of an undisclosed by natural source. The stone itself is massively microporus and any fragrance will be easily and deeply absorbed giving around 7x longer wear from it.


Each Lockstone comes on a leather necklace and are mounted on steel, copper or bronze. The lockstone is also available as a cuff-link in the same metals.

To use the Lockstone, turn it upside down and blast it with fragrance, particularly concentrating on its hollow core. I filled it with my favourite Ormonde Jayne Black Gold and 24 hours later, it’s still going.


I will say, it doesn’t have the same throw as wearing the fragrance over your body or skin due to the smaller surface area, but if you come close, you’ll definitely pick it up! Also you keep the fragrance in it’s original, true and bottled form!

Posted at 17:50 May 25, 2016

I think its a cotton wax necklace, not leather.

    Posted at 15:43 June 12, 2016
    Thom Watson

    Hi Germain, I think you’re right actually. My apologies :)

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