L’Occitane Hugs & Kisses for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day. Chris and me give up. We have Christmas, then my Birthday on the 23rd Jan; his Birthday on the 31st Jan and by that point we’re carded and gifted out. Is that miserable?

However, these from L’Occitane caught my eye in my inbox yesterday and so I thought I’d swallow my resentment and share them with you. Hugs and Kisses are two mini gift sets. The first (blue one) contains the original formulation and best selling L’Occitane Shea hand cream as well as the Shea lip balm. The second (pink one) contains the same but the products are gently rose-scented.

The two are available here from L’Occitane at £16 each. I definitely think these will make cute little token gifts for the biggest and most important day of the calendar year.

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