Jurlique Hydra Control Ultra Rich Body Lotion

This has been on my ‘review-list’ for an appallingly long time, and I can only apologise for holding back such an incredible body product from you. You might not have heard of Jurlique before as they’re not widely stocked, but you can pick their products up in most Space.NK stores.

Myself and body lotions have a very bad track record; 9 times out of 10 I use only the smallest amount, yet leave my house feeling uncomfortably sticky and ‘lubed-up’. Do you know the feeling? So you can imagine my worry at a product with ‘Ultra Rich’ in it’s name.

Jurlique Hydra Control Ultra Rich Body Lotion is the best and most bizarre body lotion I’ve ever used as it’s incredibly hydrating, I mean seriously, my dry elbows disappeared after only a few days use, yet it instantly disappears into the skin. You’re probably thinking that it must be a gel formula as they sink in ultra-fast, but no, it’s a fully fledged, creamy body lotion that has the most effectively formulated moisture delivery system I’ve come across to date.

This ‘delivery system’ comes in the form of Sugar Complex Saccharide, that helps to bond moisture to the skin through sugars, aided by Shea Butter and Glycerin. It works incredibly quickly and the effects are immediate and long lasting.

Smell is hugely important in a body lotion, particularly for us guys as we don’t all want to go around smelling like a big strawberry or a satsuma (I have a brand in mind when I say that), but Jurlique Hydra Control Ultra Rich Body Lotion contains Desert Lime extract, Daisy, French Rose, German Chamomile, Marigold and Marshmallow, which all go to form a fragrance I believe is similar to AVEDA Shampure, a really stunning herbal aroma, that even though is filled with flowering plants, doesn’t smell the least bit ‘flowery’.

As I said, the hydration lasts absolutely all day, but it doesn’t block pores or leave the skin on your body congested and sticky. I really suggest giving this a go, particuarly if you’ve ever had the same trouble with body lotions as I have. You can pick it up here for £20 and one bottle goes a heck of a long way.

Posted at 10:06 February 9, 2013
Lachlan Molineux

Love this product, so classy! And am enjoying reading your blog as always.

Posted at 11:21 January 10, 2013

I freaking LOVE Jurlique, it was the first more natural/biodynamic brand I bought and I never stopped. Too bad -or maybe not- there’s no retail point here.. I got a huge wishlist of their products..

The sticky factor and smell after lubing up with any body lotion is a dealbreaker for me. I want things that sink in instantly and not bother me or be known anymore, or I oil up and then I take my time. Just cannot deal with the hassle of doing this daily after every shower! Don’t know how women do it :P

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