Hair Loss and Effective Treatment

Us men can get a lot of stick if we dare to take care of ourselves beyond a little deodorant and cleaning our teeth, but Male Pattern Baldness is something greater than a vain, cosmetic concern.

Many people criticise that it’s a sign of the modern male narcissist and proclamations of how ‘men never used to be like this’. Well, as much, popular media attention is placed on the outrage of women’s aspirations and adoration of size double-zero waists, triple D breasts and long flowing blonde hair, men don’t get that much of an easy ride either; relentless images of broad, tanned, muscled Adonises with thick tussled hair, full thick stubble, with boxers full to busting.

All round, these images are not easily lived up to; we therefore try and look after what we have as best we can, using creams to stop us trying out, injections to freeze wrinkles and crash diets and exercise regimes to keep us thin, all in an effort to look in our primes.

When a man looses his hair, be it premature or not, it’s a visual indication of him becoming older, which is a perfectly natural transition in most cases, but in a world that worships youth, it can damage a man’s self esteem and self worth. Luckily, it’s becoming more and more acceptable for us guys to talk about this and so it should be. It is a personal issue, but something no one should feel ashamed about.

Wayne Rooney, an incredibly talented athlete has been constantly ridiculed in the press since his arrival on the scene over his looks and baldness, none of which affect his skills as a footballer, but because of this pressure to look good lead him to seek hair transplant surgery and I’ve been very vocal about this, I think he looks great! As does Louis Walsh, James Nesbit and a whole host of other men in the public eye that have opted for this treatment.

The Hair Restoration Blackrock clinic in Ireland (HRBR), lead by one of The Times Magazine’s top British Surgeons – Dr Maurice Collins, one of most highly respected and world renowned Hair Transplant surgeons, working with many top celebrities, a couple of who I’ve already named. They use a type of procedure called Ultra Refined Follicular Unit Transplantation, whereby small strips of skin are extracted from the back of the head (known as the donor site), where hair tends to grow in even the most severe cases of MPB.

The strips of skin are then intricately dissected by an army of technicians, separating out each follicle, ready to be individually transplanted into the appropriate areas. Scaring from where the follicles are harvested is minimal and completely unnoticeable with a haircut as short as a number 3 or 4.

The clinic is located at Samson House in Dublin in Ireland, a very inexpensive flight away. You receive a full consultation to establish whether or not the transplant procedure is for you and to ensure that your goals are realistic and achievable. The consultation fee is €250 and each follicle transplant is €10, resulting in around €30,000 for an average treatment, although this can vary.

For more information visit the new HRBR website – or download the free iPad app that has videos of the special clients they’ve had and of Dr Collins himself.

Posted at 13:18 September 2, 2012

I am extremely glad that there are more and more solutions for men suffering from hair loss. great that guys want to look attractive and struggle with their imperfections and, most importantly, nowadays this isn’t a reason to be called a pansy -,-

anyway, the great blog. I am adding to my favorites and I’ll follow you:)

    Posted at 17:28 September 2, 2012
    Thom Watson

    Exactly. In an age where diamond studded private parts are acceptable, looking after and preserving your hair should have no stigma attached.

    Thanks for your comment and glad you enjoy my blog Dan! :)

Posted at 12:08 September 2, 2012
Phil (@Mirror_Reality)

It’s kinda funny.
Women have this ideal they get crammed down their throat of: big breasts, stick figure everything else, perfect face, long hair, etc.
Men we get the same pressure: Chiseled face, lots of hair on top, V-shape & muscular, etc.
Nobody escapes this so don’t think us men are spared from this horrible ideal.

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