H2O Plus Face Oasis Shine-Neutralising Gel

A lovely pot of wobbly blueness, H2O Plus Face Oasis Shine-Neutralising Gel is a fantastic hydrating and cooling moisturiser that deeply hydrates whilst leaving me 100% matte! Even the oiliest skin can be massively dehydrated and this certainly does the job. I love it!

Harnessing the power of Marine algae to naturally absorb excess oil while delivering an amazing level of hydration, it feels wonderfully cold on the skin and sinks in like a dream. As with many mattifying products, it uses the magical mattifying powers of silica that leaves skin smooth, shine-free and poreless. Phospholipid microspheres deliver “time-released hydration and nutrients to keep skin looking healthy and balanced”.

This is great for oily skin but if you’re combination like me, just use it in the areas you’re most prone to oiliness and shine. Not only does it reduce the shine and visible pore size, I found it kept my skin feeling relaxed and smooth throughout the whole day. Using it over time will help your skin to retain more moisture and after about a month of use, you’ll notice (well I did) that your skin looks brighter and as your skin’s surface is balanced, crepiness is banished.

H2O Plus products are exclusively available from M&S beauty and are part of their amazing collection of unique brands. Check out the H2O Plus Face Oasis Shine-Neutralising Gel here. If you’ve used H2O products before then I’d love to hear from you, so drop me a comment!

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