Guest Post: Pampered Prince My Top 5 Liz Earle Products

Thom and I share a similar ‘unisex’ approach to skincare. We understand the differences between male and female skin, we don’t like being pigeon-holed into ‘For Men’ ranges alone. Instead we source out products that will give the best results, rather than ‘who’ the product is marketed at.

Manface is also one of the first blogs that I ever started reading and where some blogs have come and gone, Manface has remained a constant in my ‘blog reading’ list. So you can imagine how thrilled I was when Thom invited me to be a guest writer for a blog I have such admiration for!



I started my blog (Pampered Prince) with a post on my skincare essentials from the Liz Earle Naturally Active Skincare range. One year later, I’m still loving and writing about this brand, although more recently I’ve been exploring the Liz Earle Colour range.

What’s great about the Liz Earle range is their focus on uncomplicated but effective, high quality products, that are non-intimidating, easy to use and reasonably priced. Today I share with you my Top 5 Liz Earle products (Although narrowing it down to just 5 has been quite a difficult task).

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser

Easily the most famous product from the Liz Earle range. This one cleanser alone has won that many awards, I’ve lost count. It’s adored by millions all over the world. It’s suitable for all skin types (men’s and women’s), which is probably why it’s so popular. Or maybe it’s the rich, buttery texture and the fresh eucalyptus scent? Or possibly the fact it melts away the days makeup, dirt and grime effortlessly and leaves the skin feeling soft? This was the first hot cloth cleanser I ever tried and I haven’t looked back since.

Sensitive Shave Cream

In the same way Cleanse & Polish changed my cleansing routine, Liz also changed my shaving method. After years of suffering from shaving rash and irritation from using the popular mass market shaving gels, laden with sulphates that, in hindsight, were too drying for my skin, I switched to the Liz Earle for Men Sensitive Shave Cream. It’s super concentrated so only a small amount is need for a rich, creamy foam. It gives a close and comfortable shave, without leaving the skin feeling irritated.

Superskin Concentrate

This night time treatment contain 100% plant oils, including Hazelnut, Rosehip and Argan. It’s scented with Neroli and Lavender essential oils. Depending on skin type, it can be used alone or under your moisturiser, to balance and plump the skin. It’s great for light facial massage and the scent is ideal for relaxing and aiding a restful nights sleep. It’s one of the first facial oils I ever incorporated into my evening routine, again another step I couldn’t imagine being without now.

Energising Body Lotion

I’m very fussy when it comes to body lotions and creams. I don’t like anything too heavy. In fact most of the time, I’d opt for a body oil instead. The Energising Body Lotion is one of the exceptions to this rule. It’s incredibly light, easily absorbed and leaves no sticky or greasy residue. It contains a whopping 19 active ingredients and is designed to smooth, firm and tone the skin (if used regularly of course). It’s also the same scent as my favourite Liz Earle Energising Body Wash!

Light Reflecting Concealer

Even men suffer with darkness under the eyes and although there are ‘men’s cosmetics’ on the market, personally I find this much more superior. Available in 4 shades ranging from Fair to Dark. It concealers and brightens, without creasing and lasts all day. It’s incredibly discreet, which as a guy, is very important.

You can get all of the products listed above (and many more) from Liz Earle. Check out Andy’s blog, Pampered Prince, here, you’ll love it!

Harvey Specter
Posted at 16:04 February 19, 2013

Yeah see I didn’t like the Cleanse & Polish that much. It’s very thick & creamy for sure, but my skin just didn’t take to it. Clogged pores and dried out skin from difficult removing.

Lets see for the superskin concentrate, I do love me some facial oils ♥

Harvey Specter
Posted at 17:26 February 10, 2013

Hello Thom and Andy,
Great idea doing a guest post!
Will look forward you two working together
in the future :)

Harvey Specter
Posted at 08:21 February 10, 2013

Hey Thom and Andy, thanks for this, it’s my other halfs birthday this month and you’ve given me a perfect shopping list for my little boy to buy his daddy!!!

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