Grooming News Agents in Manchester

It’s something that I’ve always passed but never until recently paid that much attention to, a news agents at the Town Hall end of Cross Street in Manchester city centre. It’s a normal news agents pretty much, however the whole of the front window has been dedicated to some pretty special traditional men’s grooming products, with a huge selection of pure badger hair shaving brushes, old shaving foam blocks with wooden bowls as well as traditional soaps, colognes and a good selection of cut throats.

The prices are pretty reasonable and you can get a metal razor and brush set with stand for about £60, but there are some others going into £100+.

If you’re ever passing down that way, then check it out. I’m going to attempt to get some better pictures other than the one above from my iPhone, but it still gives you the general idea of what they’ve got. If any of you guys know any other places like this in Manchester then drop me a comment or tweet me.

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