Glasses & Contacts & Shades – Oh My!

Anyone who knows me will be aware that for almost my entire life, I’ve been obsessed with wanting to wear glasses, I think they’re the ultimate style and beauty accessory, and after all the skin care, grooming, hairstyling and smoothing, they’re the cherry on top to throw an entire look together. Unfortunately, I have pretty OK eyesight and the optician saw right through me when I pretended I couldn’t see the lower letters on the chart…

But I do know a bit about glasses after doing my fair share of research, and with there being hundreds if not thousands of brands, styles, shapes and colours, it’s important to get what’s right for you and your (man)face.


Oval Shaped Face

As with makeup and glasses, it’s about creating the illusion of a perfect face shape, the all important oval. Oval face shapes can wear absolutely any style and 9/10 it’ll look brilliant, so really take advantage of this and experiment with many different sizes, shapes, frames and colours![/one_half]


Round Shaped Face

If your face shape is round, then look for fairly squared off glasses, such as the ever popular RayBan style wayfarers which I’m a huge fan of. Rectangular shapes will also work like a treat, it’s all about bringing the sides of your face inwards and creating a more defined cheek and jaw.[/one_half_last]


Heart Shaped Face

For a heart shaped face with a larger forehead and a more nipped chin (think Maroon 5’s Adam Levine), look for rounder shapes, such as aviators for sun glasses or rounded spectacles. If you’re thinking you’re a fan of round frames, then you simply just look for rimless frames or something with more of feather-line.[/one_half]


Square Shaped Face

Finally, if you have a square face (and you don’t ‘live in a pineapple under the sea’) then look for oval and round shapes that protrude slightly at the top corners. Probably not quite like Dame Edna Everage, but something that angles inwards from the top, again, trying to pull the sides of the face in to create that oval.[/one_half_last]

Following these tips will really help you to refine your selection to what’s more appropriate for you and make stepping into an optician or going online much easier. A great place to shop online for eye-wear is here at Lensway, these guys really know their style and give you the option to try on at home before making your final choice and you can send them back for free if not! Let me know how you get on.

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