Gentleman’s Bike Ride with Lush

I’m so bad, I was supposed to tell you this 2 weeks ago and, urgh, excuses, but I’m telling you now and that’s what counts. So, ok, right, where are we? October already? Ridiculous.

Anyway, for the last couple of years I’ve been saying to Lush, why don’t you make more of a fuss about your line of fab men’s grooming products? Why Lush? Why!? Their consistent response was that they felt their products were all unisex and so didn’t feel the need to highlight what they did specifically for men. Well they certainly changed their tune and fast.

Men’s grooming is big business at the moment, the zeitgeist if you will; you only have to look at my press section to see that everyone’s talking about it  – on a side not I’ll be posting the Tom Ford Grooming Collection in the next 2 days so stay tuned.

So, where was I? Ah yes, well in celebration of their gorgeous grooming gear, Lush sent three rather dashing gentlemen on a bike ride across Europe.  They cycled almost 1000km and visited 23 Lush shops in 9 countries doing gentlemanly good deeds along the way – kittens from trees, laying coats over puddles and sword fights in honour of a beautiful maiden; you get the picture.

OK, maybe not, but they were fixing other cyclist’s bikes; inviting people to join the route; playing cards with strangers; and giving out sample packs of their favourite Lush products to new friends along the way! How nice is that?

In proof that beards really do age people, the unexpectedly young guys: Peter Georgallou (26), Sebastian Klien (34) and Alexander Hills (27) are the three chaps that Mark Constantine told to get on their bikes! You can see them in their various states of dress in the gallery above; I was hesitant to show one of the images but thought you’d have ultimately been upset if I hadn’t.

The boys will visited Lush shops in London, UK; France;Switzerland; Italy; Germany; Austria; Czech Republic; The Netherlands and Belgium. Each shop will held a different welcoming party on their arrival with Grooming Parties, Gentlemen’s Tea Parties, DJ sessions and even Live Shaving demonstrations!

Being a little coy, Manface and Lush may or may not have something in the pipeline to celebrate men’s grooming with international grooming experts, products and all sorts. You’ll just have to watch this space… or not. For more information and to check out Lush’s range of grooming products, head over to their website.

Harvey Specter
Posted at 11:54 October 5, 2013

WOW! Cool project but no one can pay me enough money to cycle practically across the globe! Good on them! :-) – A blog for the modern man

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