Floral Fragrances Reviews

7 Loewe Anónimo

Well this is something a bit special. Spanish fragrance brand Loewe is relaunching its 2010, 7, WITH a new flanker 7 Loewe Anónimo. The campaign is all about giving thanks to someone, who although not anonymous to you, isn’t some global superhero appearing in the pages of Hello and Harper’s.

NEW Jo Malone London: The Herb Garden

I’ve got to be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve really fallen in love with a Jo Malone London limited edition collection; always remembering that god-awful macaroon and cake range they did a couple of years back with the subtly and sophistication of a cat wearing a rainbow-unicorn onesie. However, The Herb Garden is something a bit special indeed and has made me re-consider my life in general.

Miller Harris Fleur du Matin

I love this fragrance and I know I start out a few posts with this pronouncement but I really, really do. I’ve edited this post as I wrote it before leaving for Barcelona but have been thinking, and regretting, that I didn’t bring it with me. I spend day after day and week after week trying out new fragrances, from pricey-pricey to 007 (just putting my cards on the table with that one), so often they just blend into one in my memory and I find it difficult to make a decision but Miller Harris Fleur du Matin has really tipped the balance.