Citrus & Cologne Fragrances Reviews

Neom Energy Burst Eau de Parfum and Scent Discovery Test

I recently heard someone say that fragrances using 100% natural notes are not real fragrances, but soup. Whilst I found this pretty funny; Neom Energy Burst Eau de Parfum must be the chef’s special at a Michelin Star restaurant. That being said, this fragrance is not clever; there’s no fragrance pyramid or advanced perfumery techniques here, French or otherwise. But, it doesn’t need to be and I’ll tell you why.

Ormonde Jayne Zizan Review Refreshed

Ormonde Jayne Zizan is the fifth fragrance review for this Easter bank holiday and in fact I reviewed a bottle of this already, over a year ago. After picking it up earlier today and drenching myself in it, I thought it’d be nice to touch base on it once again. It can easily come across that I use the products I review only once and then they never see the light of day again but this is often not the case!