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Jimmie William Leather


Jimmie William Leather is the brainchild of Muffie Sproat, Picture Editor of, Vogue Australia, British Vogue and The Daily Telegraph. The brand, inspired by her late-father's unparallelled skills as a leathersmit to create honest, beautiful and traditional leather goods. Each and every one-of the pieces is handmade in England.

Muffie wanted a site that she could manage without having to think about it or get bogged down with a heavy back-end system. Therefore Shopify was the platform we opted for that gave her a complete store, payment and customer management system out of the box that we could then build something beautiful on top of.

The website focuses on products as well as the gorgeous artwork that can be found on the homepage and in Friends of JimmieWilliam.

Visit the Jimmie William Leather Online Store here


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