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Blogger and Wordpress Blog M.O.T.

MANFACE Digital works with British Beauty Blogger, Disneyrollergirl, London Beauty Queen, I Heart Beauty, MissBudgetBeauty and MANFACE to keep sites looking great, grow strong online presences, troubleshoot and increase traffic.

Getting the hits you deserve

Through MANFACE, I have had the privilege and opportunity to work with a large number and wide variety of bloggers in blog management, design and setup.

Using your analytics data, the best SEO practices, site speedup technologies and a whole range of other techniques will boost your stats; see where you can improve and what your visitors actually want. This is how British Beauty Blogger's stats were increased by +20% in 12 weeks through an SEO overhaul (click for more info).

"Why aren't my viewers engaging or commenting?"

By looking at SEO copywriting, in depth analytics reporting and competitor analasys, find out why your readers aren't engaged and what you can do to solve this. Often it's simple mistakes but sometimes it can go deeper. A website M.O.T. will uncover where things can be improved and create an action plan to boost those all-important site views and re-engage your followers.


Many bloggers start out using Google's own blogging platform, Blogger. Unusually, Blogger is probably the worst offender of bad SEO, ignoring the technologies and practices used by its parent company. Therefore, for most, when your blog gets to a certain point it's time to start considering the move to Wordpress; a solid blogging platform that provides infinite customisation, control and a great base for good Search Engine Optimisation.

Rank higher on Google

Ranking on Google isn't an easy process. There are hundreds of companies out there that pretend to offer you easy ways to get to the top of Google through all sorts of shady means - this is known as Black Hat SEO - exploiting loopholes in Google's ranking technology to temporarily place you at the top of the list. Once Google closes these loopholes, which it does all the time, you're forced back down the rankings (often lower than you were before) and then have to pay out to fix the damage these companies caused - it's a vicious cycle.

Through MANFACE Digital, only White Hat techniques are used working with Google rather than against it. We will work together to craft content, rewrite your sites infrasturcture and use a huge number of tools to see where improvements can be made.

SEO Case Study:

Through proven White Hat techniques only, British Beauty Blogger by Jane Cunningham saw an average increase in stats of around 20% from August/September vs. June/July 2015:

  • +12.14% unique user
  • +17.8% page views
  • -1.26% bounce rate
  • +17.94% session duration
  • +20.47% new users from Google
  • +13.36% 30 day active users