Dermalogica Barrier Repair

For years during winter, I’ve always had these flare ups of excema on the side of my nose, which have lead to spot break outs as the dead skin collapses into the pores. As any exczema sufferer knows, its almost impossible to exfoliate this skin for two reasons, one the effects last for only a couple or hours as the moisture barrier breaks down, and also it can be quiet painful and irritated. So what do you do and how does Dermalogica Barrier Repair do it? Exzema is when normal skin cell turnover, that normally takes 28 days, speeds up to something close to 7 days. Your skin in turn cannot hold onto the moisture properly, so the skin dries out. Then in my case, spots start to appear, and it all looks and feels rather nasty.

So treating the spots like spots never really works as it dries out. The rather amazing people at the International Dermal Institute’s skincare company, Dermalogica have a vast range of speciality care products, and one of them is something rather ingenous: Barrier Repair.

This product feels like a really rich gel when it goes on, and I was concerned that it would cause the spots to become congested and flare up more. After about 15 seconds of it being on the skin, it completely disappears, the areas of dry skin completely disappear and rehydrate and the redness on the spots became noticably reduced; it really did seem to kill two birds with one stone.

All I can say is that any areas of skin that are causing you concern on your face, especially those flared up by harsh winter weather will really benefit from this treatment. Speak to the amazing staff at your nearest Dermalogica counter as they are all GNVQ level 3 trained and above, so professionally, you really can’t get more highly trained than these guys, they know exactly what they’re talking about, and for skin concerns, they’re unbelievable.

Dermalogica Barrier Repair £38/30ml at Dermalogica Online

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